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Anaté second single First Time to be released on Jan 13th, 2021
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PARIS, FRANCE, Jan 1, 2021

'Rio' is the upcoming single of the downtempo act Anaté, which comprises of singer-songwriter, Ana, and producer and songwriter, Andrea. It will be released on all streaming platforms on Feb 13th 2021.

Rio is another chill track matching Anaté’s previous releases, arranged around Ana's warm and powerful voice and soothing vocal lines. Production is centered around an acoustic set with drums, bass and guitar, with a layered production inspired to 90s’ brit pop acts. Rio is the third self-produced single to be released from Anaté’s debut album, ‘Confessions’. It was recorded in Andrea’s private studio in Milan; it is mixed by Simone Coen and mastered by Giovanni "Meniak" Nebbia. 

Ana said:

"The song was written when I was in Rio de Janeiro. It's a song about life, about appreciating every moment, every person we met, every place we've seen. The lyrics are mostly a contemplation made on the spot of what I was experiencing during that trip. Here's a fun fact about the lyrics ‘neon lights, midnight stop, keep on driving there's no stopping for us’ - they were written while we were driving through some dangerous parts of Rio where you actually don't stop at a red light at night because you risk getting in trouble. That's the literal meaning, which then turns out also to be quite a nice metaphor about a journey through life itself."

Andrea said:

"I worked on Rio looking for an indie rock sound, while trying not to depart from the style we want to keep for Anaté. Differently from the first two singles, I built the arrangement around guitar parts and I used very few synths and samples. It was fun to produce and it will be even more fun to play live"

About the artist

When producer, Andrea, set out to find the perfect voice for a Trip-Hop influenced album, he found Ana. Once their influences combined, their collaborative sound became a smorgasbord of stylistic elements including Downtempo, Pop, Indie Rock and Alt Hip Hop.


The true distinction in their sound lies within the conceptually confessional nature of their lyricism which is paired with atmospheric melodies which share reminiscences with Massive Attack, Morcheeba and Hooverphonic.

Their forthcoming 10-track album ‘Confessions’ will be gradually released throughout 2021 and Anaté have already started working on their sophomore album. When live stages are safe to grace, they’re prepared to take over them too with their unique sound which layers Pop melodies with acoustic instruments and electronic effects to achieve a retro feel with a modernistic finish.


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